Tips to Increase the Number of Sales from Toronto Sales Training Consultants

Do you want more sales? Of course you do - there are no two ways about it.

When it comes to the question of ways to create more sales, most sellers will tell you “the mantra is to work harder” to double or triple the current efforts. But the real equation is to work smarter. Although I pause in saying that as that does not by any means suggest we do not have to work hard as well. If we lack strategy, we are spinning our wheels in all directions and going nowhere. How many of us know someone like this?  How effective are they? They thrive on being busy. Busy and productive are two clearly different modes. Busy is BS.

Learn more about ways your sales teams can reduce their labor while still increasing their sales. Undergoing sales training courses in Toronto, Waterloo and Kitchener can equip your team with technical expertise while taking a consultative approach- a difficult combination to achieve.

  1. Salespeople tend to take notes of their accounts on paper, on their iPad and on their laptop or computer. Documents are saved with an ambiguous name, in random folders, buried on a desktop with many irrelevant files. There is an opportunity to take a lean approach and save time through organization and a streamlined approach. We suggest storing everything in one place, backed up with an easy-to-reference formatting for file names. Save time for client meetings, avoid spending it on behind the scene avoidable tasks.
  2. Another area where hours are wasted is in revision and re-revision of our proposal because we didn’t do a good job of listening, asking questions and understanding our prospect. Sending a proposal based on assumptions or a vague understanding of your prospect’s needs is a waste of time. Understand their needs by asking great questions and listening. Once they agree they have a challenge and are ready to work towards a solution, build it together. Your prospect will provide clear, detailed requirements to achieve this, your proposal will be tailored to their needs from collaborating with the source.  It will be hard to say no to something they helped create.
  3. Sending a one-size-fits-all proposal puts you on the same line of the spreadsheet as the other lazy sales reps. Present a tailored, flexible solution with measurable outcomes. Demonstrate what they will look after this is over. This outweighs the pain of change. Following these quick ways can reduce your labor, shorten the sales cycle and increase your selling time.

Do you have “personal responsibility”? Do your team members possess this key trait? As a salesperson, it is difficult to reach your maximum potential until you take responsibility for your wins, losses, and your development. Asking questions like “Cite an example of a customer you’ve lost in the past”, “What’s been your biggest impediment when selling?”, “Say something about an important sale that you’ve lost.” These types of questions will illustrate if you have personal responsibility.

Look for signs of your sales reps shifting blame from themselves to external sources. Being personally responsible prevents putting blame on the market, prices, colleagues, management, customers and just about anything or anyone in between. Although external variables can cause a temporary hiccup in sales, we need to look at the big picture and what is within our control. Look for a sales rep that acknowledges any external factor that may have existed but shifts the focus back to themselves and their own ability to take ownership. This quality helps to differentiate between the future sales superstar from the chronic complainer who rarely meets their target.

Assessing a candidate’s passion, willingness and ability to develop themselves becomes evident by asking questions like “How do you like sales workshops and how often do you attend one?”, “when was the last time you attended a sales conference on your own personal time?”, “What do you do to improve your sales skills?”

Team members who are willing to take the responsibility to invest in their own sales development shows passion, dedication and commitment driven by more than a paycheck. When you actually care about helping your client and making a difference, things start to shift in the right direction.

Taking personal responsibility is a key trait in a great salesperson. Customers, markets, industries and prices will always be variable.

The sales training courses at K2 Performance Consulting in Toronto will equip your sales managers with effective coaching skills to support and retain their team. K2 will work with your team to shift their mindset, become more self-aware and take control of their customer interactions.

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