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With the shift to remote selling and quotas not being adjusted, how can we bridge the performance gap? Join me as I interview sales experts weekly, where they provide strategies & advice for leaders and their team to produce game changing results. They share experiences from  process improvement, training, technology & innovation, mindset initiatives they implemented that produced  game changing results. Join us and avoid reinventing the wheel.

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A  podcast series for sales professionals ready for next-level growth

Actionable sales and leadership tips. Every week.

Welcome to The K2 Sales podcast, we are delighted to have you with us! Each week your host, Karen Kelly will be speaking with B2B industry sales & marketing leaders  to break down insights, strategies and tactics that are producing game changing results.

Listen to sales professionals who are doing what most are not willing to do and the game changing results they are experiencing.

Actionable tips to incorporate their advice and tactics in to your own business

Trends and strategies sales leaders are seeing and their related benefits and learnings

Speaking hard truths of sales, direct  to the point what is working and what is not

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Missed our latest podcast, check out the library below. Listen to my conversations with sales leaders who are sharing insights, strategies and actionable tips that are delivering game changing results. Apply them in  your own territory, with your team or overall business.

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