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Are you a consultant or entrepreneur, creating your destiny and living your purpose? Have you launched or are preparing to launch a product or service based business? That may have been your intent, however things may not be taking shape the way you envisioned when you first started out.
You own the creativity and the design process and are very close to it, but when it comes to targeting and messaging to sell your solution, you struggle.
Can you relate to any of the following?·     
You are looking to grow your pipeline,
align with your Ideal client· Navigate the ever-changing business landscape·    
Create a message that breaks through the noise and resonates with your target audience·    
 Increase prospect engagement and belief
in you and your solution
What is standing in the way of future partnerships?                                

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Here's what's included:

Our Sales Coaching program for Entrepreneurs covers  mindset, goal setting and actionable steps towards achieving your sales goals. Some of which include:

Create a winning foundation
Defining your sales process
Targeting your Ideal Customer
Messaging that sticks

"Karen's expertise and knowledge has been invaluable as I apply it to my own business.  She takes the time to go over everything step by step along with a follow up. The business strategies that I have implemented have been successful.

Jen Carilla
CEO, Nutritional Holistic Healing

K2 provides two delivery options for this service:

in person coaching

Coaching in person for the full program or partially in the early introductory phases is available.

virtual coaching

Working close with you to work through the various stages of the coaching program, we meet in the comfort of your own home via zoom video calling.

Are you leveraging the Art & Science of Sales?

As an entrepreneur, we are focused on our product or service, our baby- after all we designed it. But you may not have fully thought out your marketing and sales strategy to target your ideal clients, create messaging that sticks and define a process that guides you and the buyer through a journey.

Create a winning foundation

Like building a house, we  start with a strong foundation to build from. This allows us to create a robust framework to work through blindspots, limiting beliefs, set achievable goals and and gain clarity to what the future looks like. Expanding your capacity for growth and success by learning  to build confidence, increase self-belief, improve self-worth and attract opportunities. This program enables you to gain clarity on what success looks like for you. My coaching will guide you towards developing a clear path and support you along the journey.

Goal Setting- Where do I start?

Entering the program is exciting, but what are you working towards? What is your true north? To measure success  we need a detailed road map in place. Showing up authentically and willing to peel back layers to explore what has prevented you from achieving your gaols in the past is essential to growth and future sucess.

Define your short and long term professional goals for the program

Design & Execute a strategic, tailored plan of action to achieve & measure goals

Understand what has held you back from achieving your goals in the past

Create an accountability plan to move you forward

Improving confidence and addressing limiting beliefs

Self awareness is the first step towards change. Recognizing our emotions and acknowledging them is good,. When we attach a limiting belief we start to do internal damage: erode  our self worth, belief and confidence.

Become aware of the habits language we use to ourselves

Interrupt the pattern of negative self talk, imposter syndrome & take action

What is your automatic default network? Stop the excuses and stories we tell oursleves.

Work on our inner level of trust and conviction to improve our confidence

Defining what success looks like for you

Success is defined individually. What does it mean for you? Is it more money, more time to spend with family, travel, complete creative projects?
Your personal source of motivation is what will keep you going when will power inevitably runs out.
Many entrepreneurs attach their self worth to their success, "When I achieve this milestone... I will be happy" This thinking will hold you back every time.
Your self worth is independent of your business. It is your self worth that  will propel you forward to accomplish milestones and achieve goals. This is your starting point.

Define what success looks like for you, why is this important?

Visualization techniques: Envision your future state paired with the emotion you feel once you have achieve it.

Embed individual motivators in to your overall goal setting plan

Defining your sales process

What repeatable steps are you taking to attract, engage and convert potential clients? Have you adjusted your process to reflect the virtual environment? Having a framework in place keeps you in check with your plan, but is is aligned with your buyers? Is there overlap in the way buyers buy and you sell? Are you meeting them where they are?

Developing your brand and selling style

What are people saying about you when you are not there? What are you known for professionally? who do you help? how do you help them? Where can people find you? What is your track record? You're messaging from your website to other platforms? Is your point of view is congruent with your brand?. does is reflect trust, capability and problem solving. This is what your clients are looking for- Does your brand reflect this?

Define the characteristics inline with a successful sales professional

Highlight your strengths and personality

Understanding your target audience, Who they are, what problems are they struggling with?

Does your brand reflect the value you provide?

Delivering dynamic and memorable presentations and demos

74% of people struggle from glassophobia, fear of speaking in public.Sales professional  rated remote video selling  70% less effective than face to face. The reality is, being on video, seeing our face, hearing our voice is not going anywhere. The need to leverage technology and overcome our fear of presenting in person and online is critical. Allowing our voice and personality to shine through creates space to connect emotionally with your audience,  deliver a compelling message that promotes a path towards change.

Overcome nerves and prepare for your audience

Build effective speaking skills and a framework to deliver your message

Master the art and science of storytelling to emotionally connect

Execute memorable closings that promote a  path towards change

Targeting your ideal customer

In business, pipeline is everything. A full pipeline allows you to walk away from clients that do not serve you as well as ride out the dry times. Ensuring you are targeting the right client is critical- who does your solution best suit, what industry, department, individual role does your produce/service address? The more specific and detail you have around the "job to be done", the greater resonance your message will have. What process are you adopting to target your ICP? Is it iterative, have you adjusted it to a virtual audience?

Improving your emotional intelligence to attract your ideal client

Have you heard "soft skills. produce hard results"? If you have been in sales for many years, you may  rely on the hard skills. Leading a team "your way", product focused, tough, stoic negotiations and much more.
Countless studies show that to disarm our audience, connect and engage with them it starts with building trust, empathy and detaching from the outcome. Saying it and doing it are too different things. How are you inviting more emotion to come through your engagements? Improving your level of self awareness? How do you perceive yourself vs how you are perceived by others?

What is the knowing and doing gap?

Start with OPP, Other person's perspective.Tap in to their thoughts

Selling your why to avoid commoditization

Selling to the reptilian brain vs neocortex?

Be the reliable consultant, support your clients through change

Why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others? Why do others take more time to truly learn about their clients, increase their level of business acumen and make them think about their situation in a different light? Because they genuinely want to help, they care. This backfires if done inauthentically.  If you are not transactional,  can detach from the outcome, offer value that your client would pay for your are acting as their consultant. People need to feel you have their best interest, otherwise they sense you are only out for the commission. Assume the trusted advisor role, and help your clients for the right reasons.

In discovery are you  able to effectively uncover needs, ask insightful questions, practice active listening?

Do you have the skills to guide your client through the buyers journey? be problem centric vs product centric

What insights are you sharing, story telling to paint the "before" picture?

Are you the reliable partner the trusted advisor or the product pusher?

Messaging that sticks

It's no longer what you say but how you say it that carries weight, especially with the increase in online presence. How can you create and articulate a message that grabs your audiences's attention? stops them from scrolling, gets them to click here and lean in to learn more?
When our message is authentic, personalized and gives them the feeling we care, understand their unique challenges and are able to help,  increases your chances. However, most people are not in "buy mode: when you find them, selling your solution to someone who doesn't feel they have a problem is a one way conversation. How can we paint a picture in our buyers mind? Get them thinking  there may be a better way of doing things? In short, sell the problem. Get them to think differently, ask questions that highlight or expose areas of their business that are not sustainable. This is key to getting their attention and interrupts the pattern of everyone else who selling their solution focusing on themselves.

Creating your message- Balance personalization & Relevance

Are you putting in the time to truly understand your prospect environment? Are you speaking to similar clients to confirm challenges, gather insights and offer more value when engaging? This critical step takes time, when automated and done at scale the personalization and relevance are diluted and you sound the same as everyone else. Invest the time to step inside your clients world and not only understand their challenges, what problems are they trying to solve for their client. Get the 30,000 view to ensure you tackle the cause not the symptom.

Plan, set and track actionable sales plans & objectives

Use CRMs to support your customer's buying journey

Introducing qualified leads

Use detailed activity management to keep the process moving

Deliver a compelling message that breaks through the noise

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Define the characteristics inline with a successful sales professional

Highlight your strengths and personality

Understanding your target audience

Reflecting value in your brand

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of most frequently asked questions about our sales training programs. And if your question isn't answered below, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Do you offer a coaching package? or is it one off coaching sessions?

We have designed an 8 step Entrepreneur coaching framework that addresses everything from top of funnel to close. The main challenge I see with entrepreneurs is they spend more time working in their business vs on their business. This framework allows them to create a process that strategically aligns to the overall objectives as well as their buyers journey, creating alignment across the board. There is an opportunity to go deeper on certain steps and lighter on others based on your starting point, we tailor the program to you and your goals.

Are you able to refer new business opportunities should you see a fit?

We want to support everyone within our sphere of influence, if it makes sense to introduce you to someone within our network, we are happy to do so.

Do you offer a flexible payment plan?

Yes, we will work with you to support your financial situation, you can break the overall cost in to 3 instalments.

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We encourage you to take the first step towards change.
There are so many areas of business out of our control, yet we continue to invest in them and hope for a different outcome. What about your people? You have control over them and their development pathway. The ability to build a positive learning culture, improve their level of confidence and increase bottom line revenue.
Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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