CSO Insights found 53.6% of companies rated their sales training programs as “needed improvement,” 33% “met expectations” and 9.6% “exceeded expectations”

As a leader wearing many hats and being accountable for countless people and processes, are you struggling with your team on any of the following?

  • Equipping your sales managers with effective coaching skills to support and retain their team
  • Getting shortlisted & influencing RFP’s
  • Following a scaleable and repeatable sales process aligned to your customers buying process
  • Responding to the rapidly evolving technology sector

The unique nature of Technology sales requires your team to highlight their technical expertise while taking a consultative approach, this combination is difficult to achieve. Typically your team follows a long sales cycle, is dealing with large investments and your offering runs the risk of being commotodized due to the increasing competition of the tech industry.

K2 work with your team to shift their mindset, become more self aware and take control of their customer interactions- We provide the required tools to change behaviour and enhance the value your technical offerings provide.

Is your team  responding to the evolving customer demands?  

Do they have the tools to effectively:

  • Influence Buying committee?


  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence?


  • Take a Consultative Approach?


  • Understand Buyer motivations?


  • Stand behind your Reputation?



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