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karen kelly, k2 performance consulting founder

A renowned, results- driven sales expert, delivering results for B2B global organizations.

For 20 years Karen has been specializing in the art and science of sales. Her passion and experience are helping technical sales professionals become more confident and leverage their soft skills to align with their hard skills.

Her dedication to developing and delivering customized sales training and coaching programs  derives from her own corporate sales experiences. She delivers practical, relevant tools  that increase confidence, create a framework to follow and repeat. These tools can be put in to practice immediately and break down the barriers in a competitive landscape.

Karen brings a wealth of experience & expertise to help sales leaders & their teams:

Create memorable experiences for their buyers

Personalize their messaging to get their buyers' attention

Challenge status quo in and gain the commitment to change

Pose insightful, illuminating questions and uncover something their buyer may be unaware of

Connect with their audiences through emotion and influence with conviction

Stand out, engage and build trust with potential buyers in person & virtually

Lean Six Sigma

Karen’s background in Lean Six Sigma supports her clients to quickly identify gaps in sales process and performance. Together they implement strategic actions – ensuring a streamlined & results driven outcome. She is passionate about helping organizations get the most from their teams. Supporting them to reach their full potential with lean selling techniques to shorten sales cycle, have effective deliberate conversations with the right people at the right time

Founding K2 Consulting

Setting yourself apart, making an impact and adding value when you are on the outside looking in is a tough position to be in. Effective communication, understanding your buyers needs and following a process are some of the tools Karen used to separate herself. Having overcome many of the challenges faced by sales professionals today, Karen leveraged her 20 years of successes and experience and founded K2 Performance Consulting.

Continuously delivering value

As an Executive Coach, Karen works to understand where her clients are  and meets them there.
Her goal is to improve self awareness, develop sales skills balanced with emotion and data to engage your buyer and increase confidence and conviction to drive results. Her leadership coaching focuses on creating a culture of independent critical thinkers, empowerment, vulnerability and an unwavering belief of self.

Success stories from past clients

Photo of Simon Houde

One of the best I have had the opportunity to work with! Karen has a great business vision combined with a unique understanding of the customer needs. That makes a successful mix. Her presentation and communication are superior. I would endorse her any day for her role where she can mentor others and develop a sales methodology.

Simon Houde
Award-winning Healthcare Sales Leader

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Her stro

Frank Nosich
Regional Sales Director

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