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Who should attend?

Our Leadership sales course series is ideal for those who have taken on a supervisory,  management or leadership role and want to  gain the respect and trust of your team early on.
This course is also suitable for existing sales managers/ leaders looking to build on their leadership  skills, dig deeper in to self awareness and blind spots that may be holding you and your team back.

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Here's what's included:

Our leadership sales course covers many facets of a leaders journey, focusing on the fundamentals of  building trust and producing results.  Our modules are categorized as follows:

Building  your team
Leading your sales team
Improving Team Accountability

"Karen has been a great addition to our team with her sales training programs. She has been able to assess our needs and customize a training program for us. The feedback has been very positive"

Peter Dello
Central Region Manager, Thermo-Kinetics

K2 provides three delivery options for this service:

in person

K2's In person training sessions are optimal when the whole teams or regional teams come together for meetings.
Regardless of the occasion, your team will experience a hands on, tailored experience with industry applications and activities that can be applied immediately following the session.

K2 Sales Academy

Independent Online learning - Consume our bite sized learning modules from your phone, tablet or PC. This unique experience is coupled with online coaching from your manager, to reinforce learnings and increase accountability following each module. This tailored engagement  supports individualized coaching goals and improves sales performance.

Access the Academy here:

live Virtual

We  meet you where you're at. K2 offers live virtual webinars for all our sales training courses.
Our participants leave with a customized, engaging experience through online collaboration exercises in smaller break out rooms for role play, handling difficult conversations, understanding objections etc.

Learning objectives

The skills  of an Individual contributor focus on driving results through product, a sales manager must drive results through people. The skills required are completely different.
Our program starts with mindset, tapping in to your "Why" and understanding your purpose. This awareness grounds you, highlights your intended impact and awakens the desire to be of service to others, making for a great leader.

Improving your Emotional Intelligence: Becoming more self aware, shifting your mindset to become empathetic and relatable to your team. Assess the emotions of your team, manage them to cultivate the culture you desire and improve team dynamics.

Sales Recruitment: Ensure you are attracting and hiring  the right talent for your team and company culture. Are you considering diversity and inclusion?

Assessment: How you perceive yourself vs how you are perceived by others
How to ask for feedback and put it in to practice

Productivity: How can you create a frictionless sales process? Support your team, so they can spend more time doing what they were hired to do, sell.

After completing this course you will have the confidence and tools to effectively coach and lead your team of diverse individuals. The increased level of confidence and support will allow them to push past their boundaries and experience new outcomes.

Evolving your skills for growth.

As an individual contributor you are expected to drive results through your product, as a Sales Manager you drive results through people.
Are you of the mindset, I work for my team? The more I share, support and develop them, the more I get in return.
How can I motivate them, inspire them, be a role model and gain the trust and respect of my team to achieve our goals?
It all starts with you. Model the behaviour you expect of your team. Lead more to manage less.

Building your team

Creating a professional culture, promote team support and a collective commitment to continuous improvement starts with hiring the right people. The average tenure of a sales rep is 18-24 months, how can you avoid hiring through a revolving door? Find the right talent and retain them?
Explore diversity within your team, everyone has unique strengths, perspectives and experiences. Allow their unique strengths to support your team, organization and clients.

Recruiting your team

The first and most important step of building a winning team starts with hiring  the right talent.

What language are you using to attract the best person for your organization? 

What is your interview style? Are you asking the best questions to elicit emotion from the sales rep? Do you have a diverse interview panel?

Are they coachable? Do you test this in the first or second interview?

Are they a good fit? Do they bring the values required to support the overall company culture?

Are they an effective communicator? Can they convey their message in a persuasive manner while practicing active listening?

Retaining your sales team

Once you have the right people in place, how can you retain them? Develop them in to future leaders and support their individual growth platform. How can you avoid hiring every 18-24 months?

Get to know your team on a deeper level, understand their business and personal goals, motivational drivers and their preferred learning style.  

Define meaningful goals. Are you supporting their development pathway, do they feel valued? They were hired for one role, what do they want after that? how can you foster their growth?

How are you managing remote productivity? What does your team need to exceed their goals, how can you help them stay engaged and motivated?
Do they trust you? Feel supported?

Do you have a consistent coaching practice in place? An individual plan and style for each rep? Support their learning and development towards improving performance goals both personal and professional.

Leading your sales team

There are managers and there are leaders, what category do you fall in to? Start with your "Why", What is your purpose, cause or belief? Are you openly sharing this with your team? The facts and the emotions? Disarming and showing your vulnerabilities, invite your team to do the same.

Coaching your team

This is the "game changing' practice that separates elite sales teams from under performing teams. What is your personal coaching style? Set your fears, insecurities aside, adopt a service mindset. How can you coach your team remotely?  Can you transfer your enthusiasm, passion and servant leadership to them? Do you have a clear understanding of what motivates them? What motivates one will not necessarily motivate others, take time and get to know them on a deeper level.

Meet your team where they are at

Separate facts from feelings. What limiting beliefs are standing in their way?

Nudge them to dig deep for the answer, improve self awareness, capability and self belief.

Develop their critical thinking skills that allow them to problem solve from all levels and angles

Create a culture of resiliency, develop the behaviours to effectively embrace and lead change

Managing team performance

Does your team know what excellence looks like? Instead of saying "more" are you showing them "how". Make it easy for them to replicate what is working.
Do they have role clarity? Do they know what is expected of them? How  are you measuring KPI's and improving accountability?
Are you providing regular constructive feedback? openly communicating and  actively listening to solidify what is working and where they need to re-focus.
Do they trust you, do they feel supported? If they do, their efforts and results will show it.

Creating a team performance goal as well as individual goals

Establish effective Accountability plans, clearly defined with team involvement, frequency, analysis what is working what isn't

Regular skill development, apply to specific relatable scenarios, role play, business cases, video to demonstrate understanding.

Increase team participation- select team members to perform specific tasks to improve confidence and support peer learning.

Improving Team Accountability

Accountability starts with you. Are you doing what you are saying? Building confidence and trust with your team, showing them that they can count on you. What metrics are in place to hold them accountable? are you creating coaching moments to support their growth?

Improving team accountability

Are you inspecting what you expect? Are you holding your team accountable for their decisions, actions? Achieving personal goals, team goals and revenue goals all require measurement, what framework do you have in place to track progress and hold your team accountable?

Define and implement an accountability plan- Set expectations on a macro and micro level to manage deliverables

Understand how to recognize their behaviours

Walk in prepared with the type of information you need

Learn to be seen as as expert in your field

Managing and updating sales process

Reacting with emotion, desperation with no strategic pathway is dangerous. Is your team operating in sync, consistently sharing the same message, following the required touch points, inline with exit criteria at each stage of your sales process?

Define or modify your sales process- ensure alignment with buyers journey- where is there overlap? Is the language customer-centric? Is it updated to reflect remote selling?

Create a list of "myst haves"from sellers and buyers side required to advance. Trace your wins and losses back to the list, continually update the list.

Leverage your CRM, build in exit criteria; multi threading, secured budget, timeline. Determine if process blockages are process or training related

What physical verifiers do you see from the buyer that are advancing the sales process? Remove confirmation bias, Hope.Are they accepting meetings, downloading white papers- what is moving the needle?

Improving pipeline management

A healthy pipeline is the pulse of a  sales team and oxygen for the organization. If you relied on inbound leads before, chances are your approach has shifted. What remote techniques are you applying to attract the right opportunities top of funnel?

Adopting an omni channel approach, attract through email, phone, video etc

Leverage marketing automation while maintaining persona relevance, personalization and transparency- avoid "spray and prey" damages brands.

Track, measure performance and pivot when required. Stay close to what is working with certain personas, messages, timing, triggers etc.

Quality vs quantity gets results, encourage your team to play the long game, multi touches with various people over time

Update your playbook to reflect our remote environment. How can you replace attracting leads at trade shows, F2F meetings, networking events?Are you producing content? sharing videos? Getting your buyers attention digitally?

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of most frequently asked questions about our sales training programs. And if your question isn't answered below, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

As a new sales manager, I don't have much experience coaching my team, will this program provide the skills and an opportunity to practice coaching?

K2's Leadership programs provide the framework and pathway from an Individual contributor to a leadership role. More importantly we cover the leadership behaviours required to produce the desired results. We provide a coaching framework to operate from and the opportunity to practice in a safe, remote environment. We pair you up to play both coach and sale rep to feel the impact of coaching from both perspectives. Our instructors observe and provide coaching feedback along the way. It is a journey, with practice over time you will become more conversational, at ease while  gaining the required commitments of a coaching call.

I have been a sales manager for 10 years, I don't like the idea of being mixed with new sales managers.What options are available for this?

I appreciate tenure of seasoned managers vs those entering the leadership arena with less experience. Studies show a diverse team outperforms  a team that look and sounds the same. We encourage our participants to come with an open mind, learn from one another, increase their level of self awareness. Be mindful of your  interactions, approach to working with less seasoned managers. There is always an opportunity to learn something new and see yourself through the lens of others. We also provide, customized training for teams within an organization.

I have a few individual contributors on my team who would like to get in to sales management, is this course suited for them?

As a sales leader if you feel members of your team possess the skills required and are on the development path to leadership, what better way to show your support than enrol them in a leadership course. They can start applying the tools immediately with their colleagues, you could also provide leadership opportunities for them to mentor certain individuals, lead part of a meeting, practice coaching. Start preparing them emotionally and physically for the future of leadership.

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Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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