Sales training


Foundational sales course

The K2 Foundational sales program is intended for new sales professionals, account managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners  who are looking to move in to a direct sales role. An overall introductory to what is required from top to bottom of funnel.

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Advanced sales course

The K2 Advanced sales program is great for experienced sales professionals, KAM's, Inside sales, AE's, technical sales reps, clinical specialists. Anyone who has been in sales for a few years and is ready to take a deeper dive and improve their selling activities.

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Leadership sales course

The K2 Sales Leadership training program is designed for new sales managers transitioning from an individual contributor role. It also benefits existing managers looking to hone their leadership skils, EQ and learn new techniques and tools to manage your team remotely.

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Sales Training

consultative sales training programs that support a variety of experience levels


K2's proven framework provides your team with the knowledge, skills and techniques to excel in a highly competitive & digital environment. Starting our journey with the framework that holds it all together, your sales process. Defining the activities within the sales process, creating your playbook. Adding your style, and individuality to the playbook to have an authentic discovery, conduct an engaging online demo, acknowledge objections, negotiate and plan a successful implementation. Overall provide  an enjoyable customer experience inviting them to come back again.

Sales Coaching

custom-built coaching programs that help you gain clarity to identify road blocks, limiting beliefs and create the future and results you are looking for.


Looking inward, are you living your purpose?   Intent and reality may have gotten intertwined along the way. As a coach, my job is to meet you where you are. Stretch your way of thinking to facilitate growth, empowerment and support you to unlock your potential.  Leveraging my professional sales experience, asking thought provoking questions and observation, I guide clients to an expanded sense of self awareness. Through this, they tap in to their own insights, resourcefulness & are able to achieve their  goals as well as experience awakening moments along the way.


our approach to problem identification and solution stem from  the six sigma DMAIC methodology,  define, analyze measure improve and control.


As a consultant we support you to diagnose areas in your business where you are facing  roadblocks, friction in your sales process, challenges in your strategy and / or execution. With a fresh set of experienced eyes, our laser focused approach supports you in achieving your goals. Some clients have benefited from our expertise in process mapping and improvement, CRM alignment, redefined sales strategies, sales messaging that that resonates, creating and implementing KPI's to measure and track performance to name a few.

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There are so many areas of business out of our control, yet we continue to invest in them and hope for a different outcome. What about your people? You have control over them and their development pathway. The ability to build a positive learning culture, improve their level of confidence and increase bottom line revenue.
Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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