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Who should attend?

Our Executive coaching program is  intended for newly promoted sales managers, existing sales leaders or those looking to get in to a leadership role. We meed you where you are on your leadership journey.

This program  is designed to improve self awareness, communication and connection. We start with uncovering your "Why". Finding your true purpose that will support your growth and ability to lead your team with transparency, authenticity and sincerity. .

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Here's what's included:

Our foundational sales course covers many dimensions of the sales process. Our modules are categories as follows:

Developing a leaders Mindset
Create a winning culture
Developing your team
Having difficult conversations

"Karen is a true sales leader and professional coach who transformed my mindset, approach and communication style, turning around my client engagement results."

Susan Joynt
CEO, RuListing

K2 provides two options for this service:

in person

Coaching in person for the full program or partially in the early introductory phases is available.

Virtual Coaching

Working close with you to work through the various stages of the coaching program, we meet in the comfort of your own home via zoom video calling.

A foundation you can build on.

Learn how to differentiate yourself using our proven 10-Step Selling Framework.

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Developing a Leader mindset

When you were promote to leadership, your title changed, but did your mindset shift as well? Thinking like a leader starts with understanding your purpose, your "why", the impact you want to have on your team. With this clarity and self awareness, your actions become authentic and genuine as they are purposeful.

Finding your why

Finding your why is your reminder of why you do the things you do? Why do you work for your particular company? Why do you lead a team? Why did you choose this path? Getting crystal clear, invites a  deliberate, intentional experience with your team. Sharing your why highlights you as a person, the layers that make you  human allowing your team to connect with your true self. This is what trust is built on.

Gain clarity on your purpose and lead with intention

Your past why is not your current why, ensure you are working with your most up to date purpose

Invite your team to share their why, hold space for them by sharing yours first.

Self awareness

Assess your leadership style. How does your team see you? The executive team? How do you see yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Do your conversations focus on the other person or yourself? Is there room for a deeper dive in your behaviours, habits, thoughts.? Gaining clarity on why we do things the way we do, exposes our  motivations. Do we want to be liked, feel more secure, overcome imposter syndrome? Becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings is the first step towards growth.

How do you perceive yourself, vs how are you perceived by others?

Are you regularly asking for feedback, continually looking for ways to get better.

How well do you know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, motivations

How does your team see and feel you? What are you projecting that you are unaware of?

Communication and listening

Are you able to effectively communicate to your team with emotion, confidence and persuasion? Alternatively, do you practice active listening? Are you making them feel heard, like they are the only ones in the room, allowing your authenticity to come through?Are you creating a safe space for them to open up and share with you beyond deals and work?

How are you intentionally showing up for your team? Do they feel your servant leadership?

Learn to read body language, are you able to interpret not verbal cues, silence, tone?

Clarity of communication drives quality of response, where is your focus?

How do you practice active listening? listen to understand vs respond. Connect, engage, ask questions, show your keen interest in understanding your team

Create a winning culture

How do you want your team to feel when they come to work every day or when they sign on to slack or zoom? Are the engaged, motivated? Is there a winning,  supportive culture amongst them? Is it based on trust, integrity and service? Model the behaviour you expect of them.

Attracting the right talent

What language are you using to attract the right people, are you really getting to know the person? Understand their passion, motivations, short and long term goals? What are they like outside of the work setting, how to they treat others around you? Are they role playing or do you see their genuine self?

Define the characteristics inline with a successful sales professional

What core values do you and your team share, the non-negotiables

Invite diversity in to your team, leverage various backgrounds, experiences, gender, trades etc.

Sales is a teachable skill, caring, empathy, the desire to help is difficult to teach. Hire people who value integrity, honesty and character

Building a professional culture

What type of environment are you creating for your team? Are they excited, motivated and happy to come to work? When adversity hits, what is their default state of mind? Do you create a safe environment to learn, fail? Do they embracing vulnerability?

As a leader you create the culture, your team owns it. Attract team members who align with your culture  

Does your culture create behaviours in line with the results you are seeking?

Is your culture statement printed on the wall or is it something everyone embraces and owns daily. Is it part of your daily interactions & decision making?  As a leader how are you contributing to your culture?

Tenure of sales reps is 18-24 months, a positive culture will contribute to an engaged, productive sales force and reduce turn over, how can you as a leader create this?

Developing your team

Does your team truly understand your clients challenges, do they know what problems they are solving? Educate them on the customer first, not your product. Allow them to understand the emotional impact of each touch point in the buyers journey.
Once this is established, you can train them on your internal 30/60/90.

On boarding and ongoing development

What on boarding process do you have in place? Has in been updated to onboard remotely? Consider, many sales reps have not met their leaders or colleagues in person. How can you deliberately build connection, community and accountability in to your onboarding process?

Start your on boarding program focusing on the buyers journey, read case studies, what problems are you solving for your clients?

Share your sales process, qualifying matrix, KPI's, expectations as a leader. Understand their learning stye, communication preference, co- create a 2 way partnership

Introduce various modes of continuous learning and development catering to the individual learning styles

Develop a regular group coaching and 1:1 coaching practice to support business and personal goals.

Empowering and motivating your team

Are you coaching from the sidelines? Giving them the play by play script? or are you asking probing questions to get them thinking for themselves, inviting them to tap in to their own experiences and come up with a solution. This pattern builds confidence, self trust and conviction. Avoid a dependancy model and build a team with strong critical thinking and decision making skills.

Empowerment strategies to avoid giving your team the answers

Facilitate discussions vs dictate and provide responses

Have you ever said "I'm not sure, what do you think we should do"?

Instill a strong sense of self by asking the right questions, promote self reflection, increased awareness and trust. Over time these behaviours becomes automated.

Having difficult conversations

Some times difficult conversations are inevitable, it's how we handle them that will preserve or end the relationship. Are we first seeking to understand? Understand the motivation behind the occurrence,  the intent. Being firm, yet respectful, not attaching someone's character is critical.

Effectively managing your sales funnel

Pipeline is everything, instead of saying "more" are you showing them "how"
What does our Ideal customer look like, where do we find them, has our target changed with a shift to virtual selling. Are you managing the CRM expectations. giving them the tolls required to move deals in to and through the pipeline to close.

Plan, set and track actionable sales plans & objectives

Use CRMs to support your customer's buying journey

Introducing qualified leads

Use detailed activity management to keep the process moving

Developing strategic territory goals

Support your team to set SMART goals, create daily activities towards achieving them. Role play, discuss strategic initiatives  based on successes with existing customers. Understand frequency of visits, type of information shared at each visit, leverage your play book and the resources available at each stage of the sales cycle. Are you accounts tiered?

Schedule regular territory updates, led by rep

Provide relevant resources to support advancement at each stage of the process - how can sales and marketing support each other?

How can their performance be measured? Quarterly reviews to ensure they are tracking for success, avoid lagging indicators

Can you create an innovative forum to share ideas of ways to increase customer penetration, based on remote learning, customer challenges and cross functional support.

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of most frequently asked questions about our sales training programs. And if your question isn't answered below, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Is the coaching program  flexible or is it pre-defined?

As a coach, we meet our clients where they are. Whether you are new to leadership and are looking to improve communication, create a coaching framework or command a room, we work with you to support your goals. Through our coaching and observation we ask the right questions, we invite you to become a thinking parter. Explore your emotional state and  look inward for behaviours, beliefs non in line with your goal that may be holding you back. We do not follow a defined path, we work with you to help you increase awareness. We put a plan in place and hold you accountable for your actions.

My company is paying for the coaching, however I would like our partnership to remain confidential, is this possible?

We want to support you in achieving your goals improving clarity, communication and self awareness. We also want to work in alignment with your organization, If they are in agreement that the information stays between coach and leader, that is great. If they are using the coaching program as a benchmark for progress, you will need to have a discussion with them or consider making the investment  for the program individually.

Part of my role as a sales executive is to coach my team, do you provide a framework I can use to start this process?

We are strong advocates of sales coaching ant the impact it has on the development of the team, company culture and bottom line revenue. This is part of our sales leadership program, we can also incorporate it in to our coaching discussions to familiarize you with the structure and the dialogue that supports it. The more you practice with it the more comfortable and conversations you become in your team engagements.

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There are so many areas of business out of our control, yet we continue to invest in them and hope for a different outcome. What about your people? You have control over them and their development pathway. The ability to build a positive learning culture, improve their level of confidence and increase bottom line revenue.
Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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