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Experienced Sales Professionals, Key Account Managers(KAM), Inside sales, AE's, Technical Sales Reps, Technical support, Clinical Specialists, Entrepreneurs, small business owners, project managers, Sales Managers etc. would benefit from improving their skills in these essential selling areas.

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Here's what's included:

Our advanced sales course builds off our Foundational Sales course and provides a deeper dive as well as covers new topics for more experienced sellers.  Our modules are categorized as follows:

Building on your core skills
Achieving next-level growth
The psychology of sales
Staying ahead of the competition

"The first sales training course that kept me engaged the entire time. Karen has a pragmatic approach and truly tailors the program for your industry. I walked away with great techniques that were easy to apply to my everyday sales calls."

Shannon Anderson
Territory Manager, Bauerfind Canada

K2 provides three options for this service:

in person

K2' offers In person training sessions with safely protocols in place and the number of participants are compliant with recommendations.
Our program provides a  hands on, tailored experience with industry applications and activities that can be applied immediately following the session.

K2 Sales Academy

Independent Online learning - Consume our bite sized learning modules from your phone, tablet or PC. This unique experience is coupled with online coaching from your manager, to reinforce learnings and increase accountability after each module. This tailored engagement  supports individualized coaching goals and improves sales performance.

Access the Academy here:

Virtual live

We  meet you where you're at. K2 offers live virtual webinars for all our sales training courses.
Our participants leave with a customized, engaging experience through online collaboration exercises in smaller break out rooms for role play, handling difficult conversations, understanding objections etc.

Evolving your skills for growth.

Are you able to engage with your audience, get them leaning in to hear what you have to say? If not, perhaps your focus is on the wrong person or your message is not relevant, timely or personalized. Remember WIFM

Building on your core skills

"What got you here is not enough to get you there". In our first few years of sales we learned the fundamentals, as we became more experienced we learned to "dance in the moment". Rely less on scripts, spend less time preparing for client meetings, presentations etc.
This is where bad habits can develop. We may be unaware we are doing them, but make no mistake, your clients are well aware and feel them.
If you are too focused on your product, it's specifications, your competition, you loose sight of  your customer. This module reinforces the fundamentals and builds off the framework to  further develop and reinforce your skills backed with proven data. Be the sales rep you would like to deal with.

Negotiating for a win-win

How you prepare for a negotiation is key. What do you know about your client, their motivations, desired outcomes? Using mirroring & labeling techniques  disarms your clients, invites them to open up, share, feel heard & gives them the illusion they are in control.

Build confidence, skill-sets and the strength to enter into negotiations

Learn tactics to understand behaviour and select the best way to influence

The steps to achieving a "yes", start with a "no"

Dealing with multiple items to negotiate

Get hands on practice by presenting case studies

Understanding objections

When you attempt to overcome objections, you undeniably come across as defensive. Understand the motivation behind objections. Ask questions, read body language, listen to their tone to get to the root of the true objection.

Build objections into your discussion, call out the elephant in the room

Learn to read body language, listen to their tone, read the unspoken cues

Ask questions, understand what is contributing to the objection

Manage the emotional aspects of objection and regain control

Taking your presentations to the next level

People form a first impression in the first 7 seconds of meeting you. What are you giving off in your presentations? Have you shifted to remote presentations? Are you able to engage your audience, transfer your emotion, energy? Incorporate storytelling to connect and create a compelling reason to change?

Overcome nerves and channeling anxious energy into excitement

Develop effective speaking skills to deliver a clear message

Master the art and science of storytelling

Execute masterful closings

Follow a proven framework to connect, engage and convert from the stage

Achieving next-level growth

As an experienced sales rep, relationships are most likely what got you in the door. Now with limited access & a virtual environment, how can you capture their attention? Stop them from scrolling?
What personalized and relevant content can you share that will get them to click here?
Our message needs to be timely and focused on their specific situation.  Before we show them what is possible, we need them to question their status quo, acknowledge their current state is unsustainable.

Adding value and insight

As sales professionals, we disrupt with outbound outreach, this is fact. However if we are disrupting with value, it is worth the disruption. What insights are you sharing to get your prospects leaning in? Asking to hear more and ultimately what you do.

Gain high level business acumen to fully understand the big picture

Relevant and timely insights that will make them stop and think

Teach them something about themselves, business or industry

Determine what is valuable to them, then deliver on it

Share short & long term trends, that will have an impact on their business

Engaging with the C-Suite

Are you fearful of booking an appointment with the C-suite? Do you feel you won't have anything of value to say? Think again, it starts with your mindset and a proven process to follow.

Think like a C-suite, reverse your perspective, what do they care about?

Do your homework, what are they interested in?

How can social proofing improve your positioning?

Leverage visuals and micro learning, get to the point

The psychology behind sales

Sales is about balancing the compartments of art and science.
The sales process creates a framework to house the art, we can't have one without the other. It is said soft skills produce hard results, but typically they are overlooked.
How do we connect with our prospect, build trust, show empathy for their situation when we are inwardly focused?
Emotional Intelligence is the key to break through the barrier, showing up authentically, genuinely trying to help is what buyers are craving. They want a more humanized connection.

Improving your emotional intelligence

To create a more humanized connections we need to be aware there is room for improvement. Look at things through the lens of our customers. What are they experiencing? how can we help? This shift in focus allows us to become more empathetic and our outreach feels more organic and genuine.

Increase self awareness, first step towards change

Build trust with internal teams and clients, lean in to your vulnerabilities

Acknowledge the "knowing doing gap" what lever do I need to pull?

Courageous leadership passes through vulnerability, will you lean in to it?

Understanding your purpose with your "why"

Complete self awareness activity to uncover your purpose, belief and impact you would like to have on your team and with your clients, starting with your why.

Gain self awareness in to why you do what you do, your true purpose

How does your why translate to  motivating your prospects  towards action

Create your why statement, I______ so that______

Incorporate "why" statement in to value proposition for differentiation

Taking a consultative approach

Are you seen as a vendor, supplier or a Trusted Advisor? Do you provide insights that are valuable to your clients role, business, industry? Are you able to  teach them something?

Having strong business acumen allows you to see the big picture, know where to start and become a strategic partner for your clients

Can you teach a tailored, transparent message while taking control? Manage the 4 T's

Do you understanding the customer's buying behaviour, critical success factors & pain points? Do you uncover symptoms or root cause?

Use a formula to establish credibility and build trust early in the process

Set & manage expectations, this is critical in the virtual environment, time has become more valuable. Become deliberate, intentional and add value

Staying ahead of the competition

Are you managing your territory, accounts, CRM activity as if it were your own business? Focusing on your clients with the knowledge you have the best solution for their needs. Managing your territory to stay on top of client engagement, providing value that is useful for your clients and continuous practice. Provide your clients with the  polished version and stay ahead of your competition.

Effectively managing your sales funnel

A healthy pipeline is critical to achieving sales targets. Qualify out. Selectively introduce leads in to your pipeline who share your vision, are looking to change, have budget and have helped co-create the future state.If they do not fall in to an active category, segment them in to a nurture category or completely eliminate them. Manage sales funnel closely, keep it accurate and up to date, monitor activities and what advancements are required to move to the next stage.

Advance opportunities,  align with your buyers motivation– what is the burning platform that will evoke change and elevate your project to the top of the list.

Effectively manage your sales funnel with strategic account management.

Follow a strict qualification process, it is"NRN" ( not right now) nurture and move on

Schedule regular reviews with your manager, mentor to discuss deal stages, activities within, strategic next steps

Lean selling

How can we create a better experience for our clients? There are always ways to improve and lean out our sales process, reduce cycle time and and stick to the must haves vs nice to haves. Clients typically buy 20% of your solution, tailor it to their identified needs.
In Lean, value is measured by the client and their willingness to pay for something, find out what that is and deliver on it.

Cutting your cycle time and getting to the end result faster

Using "lean" in your customer interactions to create memorable experiences

Learn how a lean culture is related to improved performance and productivity with people, product and process

Practicing with VRware

Are your clients getting the polished version of you? or are you practicing on them? To simulate a real life experience, practice your message, demo or presentation in a virtual environment with our VRware. We measure and monitor your metrics to ensure you are driving more engagement, slowing down your speech and connecting with your audience with eye contact.

Hone your skills for a formal presentation or practice your key selling messages for a one on one or small group setting

Receive feedback with recording as well as metrics around filler words, eye contact, rate of speech etc.

Putting your newly acquired skills in to practice immediately, changing your behaviour to create new outcomes

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of most frequently asked questions about our sales training programs. And if your question isn't answered below, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Can the course be broken up in to micro learning modules vs 1-2 days?

Our in person program are offered either 1-2 days, allowing sufficient time for practice, role play, feedback and to feel comfortable experimenting with new tools. In a virtual setting we break the session up  in to bite sized learning sessions, no longer than 90 minutes at a time, followed with break out sessions and smaller coaching groups beyond the session to anchor and reinforce the learning.

Is the sales training content up to date with industry standards?

K2 prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest trends, best practices and standards to ensure our clients are receiving the most relevant and timely content. We realize sales is an iterative sport and things are changing all the time. Our content is backed by data from Hubspot, and insights shared from our guess from The Sales GameChanger podcast.

I have taken training sessions before and the instructor was a certified trainer but had limited sales experience, what does K2 offer?

While it is important to facilitate a discussion and drive engagement if you have never waked in your clients shoes, it is difficult to relate, understand their challenges and share solutions and stories from first hand experiences. All of our instructors have had a successful sales career. Most have experienced the same struggles you have and come out the other side. Their experience, successes, critical thinking and relatability are what allow them to effectively guide you through the sales training journey.

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Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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