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Who should attend?

Our foundational sales course is intended for new sales professionals, BDR's, AE's, entrepreneurs, small business owners and project managers who are looking to move in to a direct sales role.

This course is designed to provide sales reps with a foundational understanding of the selling profession and its importance to the modern-day buyer.

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Here's what's included:

Our foundational sales course covers many dimensions of the sales process. Some of our modules are::

Developing core sales skills
Building your brand
The psychology behind sales
Nurturing your lead

"My experience working with Karen has been extremely valuable. She is a highly motivated, positive, knowledgeable and  passionate sales leader. She has deep know-how of sales, the terminology used in the sales world and has the knack to coach her mentees.

Parminder Kaur Jheetey
Sales Rep, Softchoice

K2 provides three delivery options for this service:

in person

K2 offers In person training sessions with safely protocols in place and the number of participants are compliant with recommendations.

Our program provides a  hands on, tailored experience with industry applications and activities that can be applied immediately following the session.  

k2 sales Academy

Independent Online learning - Consume our bite sized learning modules from your phone, tablet or PC.
This unique experience is coupled with online coaching from your manager, to reinforce learnings and increase accountability after each module.
This tailored engagement  supports individualized coaching goals and improves sales performance.

Access the Academy here:

live virtual training

We  meet you where you're at. K2 offers live virtual webinars for all our sales training courses.

Our participants leave with a customized, engaging experience through online collaboration exercises in smaller break out rooms for role play, handling difficult conversations, understanding objections etc.

A foundation you can build on.

People buy from people they like and trust, we have all heard this before, but can you build trust in a virtual environment?
Are you able to connect, build trust and demonstrate empathy remotely?

Core sales skills

This module teaches the fundamentals of sales starting with the psychology, art and science of sales and defining your "why"
Learn to tap in to your buyers mind and examine things through their lens. What message will prompt action, is compelling enough to drive change and is communicated in a way that builds trust and demonstrates empathy.

Scheduled prospecting

What is your outbound strategy to build a solid pipeline? Are you taking a multi-thread approach? Are you leveraging video to improve your connection rate?
Breaking through the online noise is critical. Personalization, creating a more humanized experience and building trust to disarm are key components to do so.

Define your Ideal Customer Profile & Buyer Persona

Define and practice your Unique Value Proposition

Drafting emails that will get a response

Being authentic to engage in the first few seconds of cold calling

Negotiation skills

How are you preparing for negotiations? Are you approaching it from the customers perspective? Tapping in to their mind, evaluating what is required from their side to close the deal. Incorporating tactical empathy, mirroring and labeling techniques, giving them the impression they are in control.

Build confidence, skill-sets and the strength to enter into negotiations

Asking clear and concise questions and clarify to confirm understanding

Avoiding the "yes trap"

Dealing with multiple items to negotiate

Understanding objections

When you attempt to overcome objections, you undeniably come across as defensive.
Understand  the motivation behind the objections. Ask questions, read body language, listen to their tone to get to the root of the true objection.

Build objections into your discussion

Learn to read body language, listen to their tone

Ask questions, understand what is contributing to the objection

Manage the emotional aspects of the objection and regain control

Building your brand

Sales best practices are constantly being updated,  cold calling, to publishing content, to creating engaging videos- What is your style?
Are you showing up as your authentic self? Naturally  connecting with your clients, being comfortable in your approach to ensure your 'Why" is coming through & you are not seen as a commodity.

Developing your brand and selling style

Do you have a professional brand? Where can your clients find and follow you? What are you known for? How are you sharing your point of view? Demonstrating your expertises to your target audience.

Define the characteristics inline with a successful sales professional

Highlight your strengths, personality and desire to help

Understanding your target audience, what job are they getting done today?

Are you in service of others, delivering value, genuinely helping your clients?

Delivering dynamic and memorable presentations

People form a first impression in the first 7 seconds of meeting you. Are you confident in yourself? Your ability to engage, connect and transform your audience when speaking in public or in a remote forum?

Overcome nerves, negative talk and prepare for your audience

Improve communication- successfully deliver a message live/ virtually

Master the art and science of storytelling

Execute masterful closings with a clear CTA

The psychology behind sales

Sales is about being of service to others. Examining things from their lens. Genuinely wanting to help, offering naturally curiosity, asking questions that get them thinking differently and one of the most critical pieces often overlooked, listening. Following this approach will align you with clients best suited for you.

Improving your emotional intelligence

The emotional side of the brain is responsible for decision making, so why are we leading with data and logic? Incorporate your why, personalize the experience and truly connect with your audience. When you sell your "what' your buyer sees no difference in you and your competition.

Gain clarity of your prospects role, daily expectations and personal motivations

Practice active listening, allow them to feel heard and improve connections

Are you empathetic to their situation? Can you share in their pain?

Are you self aware? How do you perceive yourself vs being perceived by others?

Consultative sales

Buyers demand value for money and time. Are you able to teach them something, provide value, ask questions to to get them to think differently and take action. Discuss the risk of not changing and ultimately become the trusted advisor they are looking for.

Do you understand what is valuable for your client? Avoid perceived value

Are you able to teach your client something? See things in a different light?

Can you tailor insights, solution to your clients  needs, organization, make it relevant?

Are you providing enough value to gain the commitment to change?

Nurturing your lead

Once your Ideal customer has been identified, are you keeping them engaged as you guide them through the buyers journey?
Are you making it easy for them, adding value, sharing your point of view and relevant insights online? What are you providing that no one else is to increase loyalty?

Effectively managing your sales funnel

Pipeline is critical. It is created through a defined, repeatable outbound sales process that quickly disqualifies those not in line with your vision.  Understanding frequency and mode of touch points, what is relevant to each client, how can I manage activities and advance to the next stage to avoid status quo.

What is your outbound strategy? What social platforms are you using?

Use a CRM to support your customer's buying journey, manage metrics to track progress, use ABM.

What is your polarizing statement? Something that will attract like minded clients and repel others? Quality out quickly

Use detailed activity management to keep the process moving

Developing strategic territory goals

How are you managing each account? Have you segmented them into a tiered system? Determined frequency of meetings, calls, account plans? Are you providing creative ways to support their needs proactively? Do you have a list of measurable activities to help you achieve your goals? Do they reflect our remote environment?

Tier your accounts, analyze for common-ground, what can you leverage from similar clients

Map out your overall goals, create measurable activities towards achieving them

Create a weekly schedule, time blocking, perform dedicated activities to advance opportunities

What is your accountability plan? Engage colleagues, sales managers, mentors for feedback

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of most frequently asked questions about our sales training programs. And if your question isn't answered below, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Are your courses available virtually?

Yes, all our programs are delivered in person,(on hold) virtual live and  self directed sales programs for individuals. teams and sales leaders will be launched early 2021.

We follow The Challenger sales model, how does your program relate to this?

K2 programs are a combination of methodologies, best practices, and 20 years of first hand sales experience. We avoid a single methodology approach. Our consultative sales method is "other" focused, conversational based and value driven. We incorporate data from to support our approach and tested strategies as well as mirroring, labeling, accusation audits etc. from Chris Voss' book Never Spit the Difference.

I am trying to get a sales role, will this course prepare me for sales?

This is a great foundational program whether you are looking to get in to sales or are recently new to sales. It covers the fundamentals in the various stages of the sales process and buyers journey as well a the associated activities . We also cover your role and expectations as a sales professional, depending on where you are coming from this is potentially all new to you.

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Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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