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Is your process scaleable and repeatable?

Do you have a sales process? Is it reflective or your current environment? What type of experience are you creating for your buyer? Buyers are meeting us 80% along the process, when you meet them where they are, value must be delivered  quickly.
Too often leaders look to add head count, change messaging, when in fact markets have evolved, clients buy differently and an introduction in new players could be contributing to your reduced sales numbers. Ensure your sales process is optimized and relevant for your current buyer.

The K2 System
Our five-step process

We collaborate with company leaders to implement a five-step process designed to deliver the maximum return on your investment.


Using lean methodologies, gap analysis and stakeholder interviews we assess and map your current process. This gives us a “You are here“mark on our roadmap of continuous  improvement  and alignment with your customer’s buying process.

Process mapping, Gap analysis, stakeholder interviews -Examine Sales Enablement

Review or create sales process. Is it lean, standardized, repeatable and measurable?

Does it align with your customers buying process? Look for common ground.

Evaluate your objectives, Where are your areas of focus /improvement? What worked in past? why?

Conduct on-line team assessment prior to training, define current state


Following this we review the identified areas of improvement and  prioritize based on customer need, sales team skill development  and  alignment with corporate objectives. This activity ensures focus is in the right area at the right time. Focusing on skill development motivates team, improves culture and ensures relevance and timeliness with your clients.

REview includes:

Future state improvements  improve employee confidence & performance, close rates, increase customer engagement

Prioritize training needs & delivery modes to address specific client needs

Determine pre-course material based on feedback and needs assessment.

Create relevant examples & activities specific to your company and role to support content & achieve your desired outcome

Design & Deliver

From there we design a custom training program with you using your real life customer situations. The application techniques are relevant, performance based and ensure the newly acquired skills can be applied immediately. This provides your team with the confidence they need to connect, impact  and move the sale forward with each interaction.

design includes:

Using the ADDIE model, we design a training program  from the previous 2 steps, that meet your specific needs. We collaborate continuously with your sales leaders to test and ensure our deliverables are in line with your expectations.

Our approach follows best practice of presentation, application and feedback. We ensure application techniques are relevant, performance based and feedback appropriately tests newly acquired skills resulting in the highest return for your team and organization.

We offer a VR environment to apply your newly honed skills so your experience is realistic and your skills are sustained.
You receive a VR report providing you feedback to monitor progress and improve as you continue to practice beyond the training room.


The control phase ensures your team’s progress is sustained. This is a critical step that is sometimes overlooked. When we leave the classroom, the training is not over. We continue to support you post-training with micro eLearning modules, provide virtual training & self directed training options to reinforce learning.

sustain includes:

When we leave the classroom, the training is not over. The control phase ensures the sustainability of training, this critical step  is sometimes overlooked.

Lack of mentoring / coaching from sales management and accountability can contribute to this downfall. Our sales leadership training program provides your managers the tools to seamlessly step in and coach their team, hold them accountable and continually reinforce their new skills.

Post-training is supported with micro eLearning modules, virtual training sessions & our self directed training modules.

We support your post training to track, analyze and report the impact of our training activities, based on the Kirkpatrick Model.

K2's self directed programs offer real time  dashboards for both sales reps and leaders to track progress, assignment results and coaching updates.


We track and measure your progress to ensure the training sticks. Our post training support is equally important as the training itself. We work with you to create measurable outcomes that will support your team performance and benefit your customers for years to come.

measure includes:

Post assessment comparison

Assignments from Virtual training and Self directed training are tracked and shared with sales leaders to ensure progress is trending up.

Private coaching and Facebook groups to reinforce & measure learning using assessments, case study reviews and live deal  discussions.

Dashboard reviews in our Self directed training and coaching modules.

Canadian Government Job Grant

Our programs are eligible for funding from the Canadian Government Job Grant, see link below.

The grant will subsidize up to two thirds of the training costs of your organizations certified training needs. Up to a maximum of $10K funding per person or $300,000 funding per company, whichever limit is reached first. The full amount is to be paid initially by the company. Upon successful completion of the program or course the funds will be rebated back accordingly.

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