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The K2 Sales Academy is now live!
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Sharpen your skills. Change your outcome.

Sales effectiveness  is continuous, iterative work, starting with  a growth mindset and being "other focused". Showing an authentic interest in the success of your prospects, builds trust and loyalty.
Leverage your "why" to connect on a deeper level and differentiate yourself from those who sell "what" they do.

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Is your team responding to evolving customer demands?

The speed of your agility, resilience and ability to personalize are what keep you relevant and in business, but they don't always come easy.
Our specialized sales training modules deliver techniques and skills to position you in a category of one. We help you create a customer focused experience that will turn your clients in to  evangelists.

Give them the tools they need to:

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Creating more influence with buying committees

Are you gaining consensus to acknowledge their challenge? Do you understand their buying process?
Organizational culture, key players, how they measure success, and manage risks?
o you understand the big picture? Are you able to align your product with their need or challenge? overall corporate objectives?
Are you engaging with customers early on to establish rapport, build trust and co-create the solution?

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Improving emotional intelligence

Self awareness  is the first step to transformation. How do soft skills produce hard results?
Emotional Intelligence impacts your customer and team engagements. Are you empathetic,  able to  connect with your customers? understand their situation and  address their challenges? Are you transparent, naturally curious? vulnerable and able to hold space, practice active listening for your team and your clients? Build trust- through character, competence and connection.  Are you the type of seller you would want to work with?

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Taking a more consultative approach

How to become the trusted advisor your customers are looking for. Are you educating them with new ideas, insights and perspectives? Asking value added questions, where your prospect doesn't know the answer, Promote thought, encourage reflection and advance the conversation into new territory. Teach them something, get them to think differently about a problem they may not know existed. Shine a light on the possibility of a different outcome, relevant to  their business and bottom line. Are you able to solve their problems or are you trying to sell them something?

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Understanding your buyer's motivation

Are you aware of your buyers journey? Who makes the decision, what motivates them, what type of personality do they have, how can you make this a win win situation? What is the risk of doing nothing? Are you dealing with people who have the authority to say yes? Are you only taking a top down approach? or are you gaining ground swell from the bottom up?
What compelling reason made them purchase before? What job are they hiring your product to do? Are you connecting with the emotional part of the brain that makes the decision?

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Leverage your personal brand

Are you able to deliver a compelling story that builds trust and demonstrates your capability as a partner? What are your clients saying about you when you're not there? Are you seen as a vendor or a strategic partner? Do you share similar customer experiences, referrals and testimonials? Are you  able to demonstrate value through your ability to implement your solution? Is the buyers journey frictionless? do they feel they are  in experienced hands?

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Success stories from past clients

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One of the best I have had the opportunity to work with! Karen has a great business vision combined with a unique understanding of the customer needs. That makes a successful mix. Her presentation and communication are superior. I would endorse her any day for her role where she can mentor others and develop a sales methodology.

Simon Houde
Award-winning Healthcare Sales Leader

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Her stro

Frank Nosich
Regional Sales Director

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There are so many areas of business out of our control, yet we continue to invest in them and hope for a different outcome. What about your people? You have control over them and their development pathway. The ability to build a positive learning culture, improve their level of confidence and increase bottom line revenue.
Invest in them. Hone their sales skills to  attract your most ideal clients, gain the required commitments through  discovery, engage authentically  and create an enjoyable repeatable experience for your clients.
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