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There is a lot of hype about AI coming to take over. How it will replace jobs, automate everything and add more technology than required.
I guess it depends on what you do. In some instances, it will replace jobs but that in itself will create new jobs. How can we leverage AI and still grow as humans? Continue to develop and expand ourselves.

How often do we pause and reflect on what new skills we have acquired, how what we were doing before with thought and instruction are now effortless? Most likely we have put in the time, practice, and intention to become better. Do we make this a conscious effort in different areas of our lives? Or do we wait until we are tasked with a new responsibility and seek out support?

Having spent over two decades in sales, it is critical to work on my mindset. This is the starting point for any additional learning downstream. If I am lacking clarity, playing a non-serving message on repeat or staying in motion not action, these are all signals I need to look inward and find out what is going on.

There are many ways to do this, many are at no cost simply choice and time. Take a walk in nature, and remove yourself from your regular environment. Tony Robbins' famous line, Change your state, stand, move your body, jump up and down.

Become an observer, what do you notice about yourself? Are you reactive, comparing yourself to others, allowing fear to take over? Our thoughts program our actions. How often do we check in and see what thoughts we are putting out there? Look around us, our environment supports whatever we are thinking. If we are not where we want to be, time to pause, connect with ourselves and look inward as to the source of these thoughts driving unproductive behaviours.

I had Sedona as a bucket list trip for many years. I read so much about the red rock, vortex, and energy and it was calling me. Last year, I went for the first time on a solo retreat. A chance to reconnect with myself, and see how my purpose has changed? And observe myself in a new environment, away from anything familiar.

I travelled solo for many years in my 20's and 30's. I loved it. Now in my 40s with a full life, what a great way to learn about yourself. Why do we do the things we do? Where do we play safe, and small, default to masculine or feminine energy? Also, simple things like what food do I like, when it is just me?

So many people told me they would love to do that but "I would be so scared." I was not scared. I was curious. I took it from the lens of going to meet an old friend and reconnect with her. The level of awareness that comes up is surprising and empowering. You may be thinking, why are you sharing all this with us?

Well, for a few reasons, if we don't move out of our comfort zone we will never grow. How do we know where we want to go if we don't know where or who we are? Create a baseline, we have most likely changed.

Clarity in who we are, what we stand for, and our values, and beliefs allow us to show up to our team, customers, and family with a sense of certainty and conviction like no other. We can now act in service.
Aligning our skills, energy, and strengths to others in need and also to see the difference in others based on the contrast with ourselves.

If we are trying to empower, motivate and influence our audience, we must show up as our true, authentic selves. But how many of us know who that is?

One of my guides asked what my hobbies were. I had to stop and think. I knew my kids' hobbies, but I struggled to share mine. That made me reflect and prioritize my needs as a woman, mother, wife, business owner, and friend. How well do we know ourselves? Do we rely on who we were 5-10 years ago? Living in the past and lacking awareness.

I encourage you to tap into your curiosity and sense of adventure. Try doing something on your own. See what you learn about yourself.
How can this awakening help you in relationships, friendships and business?

To those, who want to get started and don't necessarily want to head to Sedona, I get it. I can't go there every time I need to work through something either. The one message that continually came to me in Sedona is to work on our inner self. When we are strong inside, we don't hear or are unaffected by the outside. So how do we do this?

See my 7 suggestions to get you started:

1) Meditation: Start small, 10 minutes/ day to quiet your mind
2) Journaling: Writing down our thoughts/ intentions each morning. Look for patterns and messages.
3) Reading: Can you immerse yourself in reading for 20 minutes every morning, to start your day before allowing others in?
4) Being in Nature: The grounding effects of nature improve our mood and reduce anxiety.  Research has shown barefoot contact with the earth can produce nearly instant changes, helping improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stress
5) Breathwork: Focus on your breath to focus, calm yourself and realign your energy
6) Getting connected to the energy centres in our body: Where are we closed, and why? What is the impact?
7) Yoga: quiet your mind, get out of your head and move your body

What would you add to the list?

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