What Are Your Superpowers?

What are your Superpowers?

What do you have that others don’t?

What are your superpowers, and strengths? Insights, perspectives that are unique to you?

You may struggle with this initially and may need to think about it, which is fine. But we all have something unique to us. What do we do really well? Quicker? Do we take a different approach, offer something a little different than everyone else?

Why is this important?

In a commoditized market, if we leave it up to our customers to try and find our unique differentiator, they may struggle.

“One had a blue logo the other one had a red one”.

Not the differentiation we are looking for.

When we share what we do, and our value proposition, how can we share our superpower through our customer’s lens?

Having X superpower, allows me to help my clients achieve Y, resulting in Z. You are different from most people, but they need to know

1) What your difference is and,

2) what it means for them.

I was speaking with a coaching client last week who has a large following on LinkedIn and has created many smaller groups related to the industry he represents. Everyone is under one roof because of your vision, and your ability to act and make things happen. We discussed what he could do to engage the group, and connect with them more than just putting them under one virtual roof.

He said, “I don’t know anything, they don’t already know.

I paused for a moment and realized this is how most people think… that we are all equals. We all think the same, act the same and make decisions the same. What about our uniqueness, looking at things through a different lens, how do our life experiences shape our thoughts, and decisions? Music, travel, family. These are all influential factors in how we show up.

Do you think this way?

“My colleagues know the same as me, my team and I all read the same case study which we all agree on".

Your perspective matters. Your point of view is going to be different.

Think of any event that happens, a lightning storm, a car accident, COVID, and how we experience it will be different from our audience.

Share your perspective with your audience, it may invite them to think about their situation in a completely different way. You’ve taught them something, opened their eyes, invited them to consider their situation from another angle, steering them away from the status quo. You become different and memorable.

But if we always agree, share their views, and are aligned with everybody else, we are no different and we haven’t invited them to come at it from another angle. We are denying them a new experience.

The message here is to dig deep and understand what your superpowers are. How are you different, and unique? Then translate that to how it will help your audience. Whether it is your team, clients, shareholders etc. We always have to consider the WIFM, What’s in it for me. Can you take some time to sit, reflect and write your 3 superpowers? Review them with a friend, colleague, or family member to gather their thoughts, perhaps they notice something about you that you are unaware you do and it is a strength.

If we want our customers to see us through a different lens we have to first start by seeing ourselves through a different lens

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