Time Is Our Currency

Time is our Currency. There is one thing that binds us as humans, we all have 24 hours in the day. It is up to us how we choose to use it. It is the currency we trade. Value for time. When I worked as a sales rep, after every call I would ask myself 2 questions:

1) Did I add value?
2) Would they have paid for that meeting?

If I couldn’t answer yes to both, I wasted time.

Now it feels like those 24 hours are cut in half. Prioritization and intentionality are key. I want to share 3 ways we can use videos to optimize our time and that of our audience; our internal team, customers, or stakeholders. It demonstrates our consideration for their time which starts to build trust.

1) Regular team meetings. Most Sales Leaders hold a weekly huddle, updates, questions, celebrations, etc. If we are expecting ou raudience to participate in the meeting, we must set expectations for what we want them to do. Often time these meetings can run 15 minutes- one hour, sometimes at the end you really don’t know what you’re walking away with. You mayhave had a shorter meeting, but the value and impact weremissing. Record a short video a few days in advance, and allow your team toconsume it on their own time. This sets the tone for the meeting, and primes the topics, questions, and discussion points. Invites your audience to come prepared, and if it is 15 minutes, we hit the ground running.

2) After a discovery meeting with your prospect(s). A recommendation is to send a summary email. Can you back tha tup with a video attached? Chances are not all stakeholders attended the discovery, there are always a few hiding behind the curtains. Sending a video provides greater reach and visibility. This invites your prospect to forward your summary video tothose not in attendance to hear the priorities shared at the meeting. Knowing this project impacts them, allows an opportunity to agree or add to those priorities. It also lets them see you and connect with you as a person. Whenthey get a chance to eventually meet you there is a sense you have already met, because they saw you on video. This elicits emotion andis the next best thing to being in person.

Also, a pro tip: If you know a key stakeholder did not attend themeeting, an opportunity to point out the timestamp point that coverswhat is important for them. Do the heavy lifting for them, this goes along way.

3) When sending a proposal, we want to keep it clean, friction-free and maintain momentum. Most proposals are sent via PDF and the prospect is left to fill in the gaps, answer their own questions and fend for themselves.This is a great opportunity to add a video. As we move towards the latter part of the buyer’s journey, why not create another opportunity to insert a human element? I guarantee your competitors are not doing this. Although you are attaching a PDF with the proposal, also attach a
video. Similar to the discovery you are summarizing what led you to the proposal. Opportunity to recap depending on the length of timesince your previous meeting as well as providing context for anyother new set of eyes that will be evaluating and reviewing the proposal. Analyze past proposals, are there certain areas customers have questions about or get stuck in? Lead with transparency, point this out, and highlight them.

Share your screen and walk through a high-level review of the proposal, where you need them to sign, monthly vs annual subscription fees etc. Make it easy for them. Also, they have a human connection on the other end. Increases reach should they forward it on to Accounting, Finance, Legal etc.and allows newcomers to put a face to the salesperson. There are many other areas where video can save time; I have chosen these 3. I challenge you to put one of these into practice and watch the reaction of your team or customer when you give them their timeback. It is priceless. If you need help getting started or someone to review yourvideos, please reach out to us. The only recommendation I would say is: Just Start!

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