Sales Management Program

Typically sales managers are promoted due to their successful track record. Without training they tend to revert back to what they know best, Selling. This confuses the sales professional, leaving their sales team unsure of their role. An effective sales manager allows their team to figure things out for themselves, offering support and guidance when needed. This improves performance, increases team engagement, and ultimately increases retention.

However with the day to day demands on you, are you assessing what coaching is required and spending the necessary time with your team to execute it? The K2 Sales Management training program equips sales managers with the tools to effectively lead their team, keep them motivated and hold them accountable so they are consistently exceeding their targets.

Sales for Management

Who Should Attend?

  • You have taken on a supervisory/ management role and would like a better grasp of what is expected of you as a leader
  • You are an existing Sales Manager looking to sharpen your skills and learn new tools to immediately put in to practice
  • Learning Objectives

    • Sales Recruitment: Ensure you are attracting and hiring the right talent for your organization. Work through assessment.
    • Steps to improving your Emotional Intelligence (EI) Become more self aware and shift your mindset to become more relatable to your team. Assess the emotions of your team, manage them to cultivate the culture you desire and improve the team dynamics.
    • Assessment: How you perceive yourself vs how you are perceived by others
    • Productivity: Support your team to ensure they are spending the majority of their time selling.
    • After completing this course you will have the confidence and tools to effectively coach and lead your team of diverse individuals. Through this they will have the confidence and support to push past their boundaries and experience new outcomes.