Founder Profile

Karen Kelly

For 20 years Karen has been known as a  renowned, results- driven sales expert, delivering results for  B2B  global organizations. Specializing in the art and science of sales and communication her passion and experience are helping technical sales professionals become more confident and to disrupt with value.

Her dedication to developing and delivering customized sales training programs provide her audience practical, relevant tools  that can be used immediately to break down the barriers in a competitive landscape and separate themselves from the noise.

Karen’s background in Lean Six Sigma supports her clients to quickly identify gaps in sales process and performance. Together they implement strategic actions – ensuring a streamlined and results driven outcome. She is passionate about helping organizations get the most from their sales teams, helping sales people reach their full potential, resulting in more sales.

Setting yourself apart, making an impact and adding value when you are on the outside looking in is a tough position to be in. Effective communication, understanding your buyers needs and following a process are some of the tools Karen used to separate herself. Having overcome many of the challenges faced by sales professionals today, Karen took her successes and experience and created K2 Performance Consulting. Customized sales programs to address common sales challenges and more. Her consultative approach supports the demand for smarter sales experiences from buyers. Her program with give you the confidence and skills to add value, insights and expertise to be the Trusted advisor your customers are looking for..