K2 Performance Consulting

About Us

No other industry is changing as quickly as the technology sector. Your technical sales team must keep up with a constantly evolving selling environment, customers who are more educated and savvy than ever before. Long sales cycles, large buying committees, and commoditized products due to competition. How is your team responding to these changes? If you are doing business as usual and expecting a different outcome, you may be surprised at the end of the year.

K2 Performance Consulting’s cutting edge learning and development tools provide the structure for your sales teams to sharpen their sales skills and change their outcome. Starting with our initial online assessment to our in person improvement & design meetings we develop a tailored sales programs around your identified needs. Our partnerships support medium to large size B2B organizations across all industries, with a focus in technology.  The outcomes of our program enable your team to excel in an increasing digitalized and customer driven market, creating a lean roadmap that focuses on selling smarter not harder. We recognize the selling landscape has changed but for the most part sales professionals have not.

Technology sales teams are required to have an in-depth understanding of their products and services, as well as consultative selling skills to build trust and communicate value to decision makers at all levels. This is difficult to achieve.
Is your team Emotional Intelligent? Are they self aware? Are they asking the right questions to establish a connection and understand how prospects move through their buyer journey? Are they aligning the buying process to their selling process?

The combination of technological insight with business acumen tailored to your prospect better positions your team to become a trusted advisor and produce predictable, repeatable results.Your global customers can expect the same gold standard  in customer experience regardless of who they are dealing with.

Our programs are flexible, practical and effective to meet your unique needs and ensure long term behavioural change. We create a fun environment that supports experiential learning, our activities are relevant to your specific job and industry. Our first hand experience in sales outcomes enable you to effectively influence the RFP process and get short listed. Advance the sales cycle with each engagement and ensure you move viable prospects through the pipeline.

We understand training doesn’t end in the classroom. K2 continues to support your learning journey with post learning micro learning, eLearning and customized apps. You have the skills, let us sharpen them for you.  Allow your team to  take control of their customer engagements and confidently close more business.